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Thursday, June 28, 2012

This is call a "fishtail" if im not wrong..
AYEE did this for me..
I was having my dance pract
he was there watching..
i sit for a while coz im tired..
he started playing wif my hair n create this..
Cool or wat??
neatly n nicely done..

Hey!! Let me introduce u to them..
Top left is "FAEZAH"
Top right is "AYEE"
They are like dopest fwenz that understand me..

Faezah, cant stop bitching wif her..
love her alot..
when i mit her, start ah our crazy moment..
We could like bitch arnd like as if the world is ours..
I just know her in april when i start my new course @ ITE CCK
but she quit sch a month later..
but yup, during tat month tat she arnd,
i just love her..
we are soo close like we have know each other long before..
but yup, i still mit her at times n chill..
just not as much as last time..
Kinda miss her much.. 
ouhya!! my watch wif u babe.. hahah..
mit ya soon to chat arnd n take my watch back frm u..

lol.. he a nice person..
never get crious and alwaes takes thing as a joke..
But when i had trouble in sch or when im down,
he is there to cheer me up..
but when im angry, he is also there to irritate me more n more..
yes he is sweet, caring but at times, he is freaking annoying..
he likes to pinch me.. Gosh!! 
trust me, blue blacks all over my body 'thankz' to him..
ouhya.. Not forgeting, his mother who i called 'Mummy"
she is soo nice to me too..
mummy buy a necklace wif my name on it.
soo sweet kn mummy..

ABt me, 
DXC my own dance crew??
hmm.. i had close them down..
im sad but i have no choice..
But thankz ALLAH, i got a new crew..
Blank with the Beat!!
hehex.. im happy to be with them..
they are really nice peps..
they really care alots abt one another
Hopefully, this will be my path to succes in the dance industries..
Im HAPPY wif my life now..
even when my heart is sad,
i will alwaes smile..
coz i wanna 'live my life'
to the fullest filled with joy n laughter..
not dark n sadness..
so yup.. treasuring every moment i had n enjoying it..
So yup.. i will update again soon..
Gosh i miss blogging..

12:14 AM

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hey.. yup2.. just to update
its true when people sae tat
they dun like to be force in
wat they wanna do for their life..
but at times, advice are to bhe accepted
coz it help u in improving..
people wont for u but u have to had the discipline
on knowing wat u wanna do n be firm on it..
Nw i've learn tat discipline is important..
u need to have aim in life
n reach to tat target of urs..
FYI.. just informing...
im starting my career at KKH soon..
1st dae will be 14feb2011..
GOSH!! valentines dae is my 1st dae werk..
ouch.. but no worries.. still can celebrate after werk..
hahah.. wondering wat it will be like tat dae..
Can't wait for VALENTINE'S!!!
there is alwaes a must to have
to endure n patient wif all the ups and down
tat ur facing..
but no matter wat, try best to not give up..
move on n do the best in life..
yeah!! its true when people sae,
u can do wat ever u want but
u must knw the limit of wat rite n wrong..
dun ever take advantage of wats given..
coz once its gone, it will never come back again..
Gdbye readers....


12:12 PM

Saturday, August 28, 2010

im cryin again..
just like the old time,..
my heart hurt alot..
but to think again,
love is where it all begin..
just to think back,
wat if karma hit back,
never intend to do it back to u
but better be scared..
as it may come true..
when it hit back at u,
tats when u knw the feelin
tat was once use to be mine..
really sad n dissapointed todae..
just speechless of my words.
dun take my weakness
as an advantage to u,
coz when u tried me once,
i'll be hiting it back triples time at u..
patient is wat im enduring at the moment
but when the limit is out,
just beware n dun think i dun dare..
hatred is wat i insist of havin,
but it will remain if u keep on repeating..
words of hatred is filling my emotion..
good luck on ur journey,
so long and good bye..
this is me aka ice,
giving a cold shoulder to u
as i spook u wif my devil eye,
finally i'll laugh back at ya,
when u start to cry.
Is tat wat u really want?
revenge is sweet,
Vengeance is better..

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2:28 AM

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lookin in the mirror,
not knwing/ no ideas
how my life gonna be leading it ways next..
gonna continue sch next year
but cant decide wat course to take again..
maybe, business in beauty n spa management..
just maybe..
nw lookin for job..
like crious, no money rite nw..
im broke to e max..
LOL.. but its o.k lah..
money not everything,
hopefully thing get well soon on this raya/puasa..
fasting month is great for me..
really testing my patient level much..
but thankz goodness im can cope alng.
just relly have to relax
n just clear my mind..
should chill by the beach soon..
hmm.. tats really a good idea..
im really worried abt my family crew
o.k, every1 is having prob..
as in not crew prob but personal prob..
hmm.. really stress me out thinkin bout crew..
im trying my best to try to help out
but at same time, i gotta think of my own probs too..
cant be thinking of others tat much when
im myself is havin much big2 probs too..
just hope, every1 probs end soon,
n back wif my happy crew again..
really miz u guys muchies..
alwaes remember no matter wat,
DXC will stick together, being there 4 one another..!!!
lastly, qeen n sab, really good luck 4 ur exam..
studies hard aite..
anything, just give a call or texty2 ice..


7:11 PM

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Babyboi, why u wanna come around?

Alwaes try to bring me down?

I got it locked down


doing this music vid wif miskz efa

was definitely a great experience.

plus, this song really show my life as


Love it..

Flippin my hair, I got Swagger!!


3:19 PM

Monday, August 2, 2010

I hate this part rite here...
A feelin inside me tat make me feel disappear..
I need to be care and to dear..
but alwaes, i knw tat its imposibble to do
as all tat exist is fear..
Im lost in this world of love..
Hard to believe all tat had happen..
But I knw there alwaes a reason to all tat has been done..
I stating just to make it clear..


3:33 PM

D'Xuberant Crew!!
tats our name..
im lovin each n every1 of them..
they are like the best family i have..
too bad, sad, fiza n donk not in the pic
due to sum reason..
but its alrite..
we will do a crew photo shot again next time..
this time a proper 1..
yup.. havin 2 performance on the 6 august..
will be tiring dae..
then 1 performance again on 8 august..
wow!! hmm.. can't wait for all tat..
will update soon again abt crewz aite..
gtg dance pract nw at rp.. buhbye!!


3:22 PM